How Attraction Works for Women Part 1

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Published: 06th July 2008
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Before you read further, I'd like you to take a minute and think about what the word attraction means to you.

By the way, I'm talking about the romantic concept of attraction... not gravitational attraction, etc.

If you can, write down exactly what you think the word attraction means. The process of writing down your thoughts helps you to organize them (I recommend that you also keep a journal of your experiences as you improve in this area of your life). There are no right or wrong answers here,
so think about it for a few minutes...

And actually write your thoughts down.

Ok, did you do that? Nice.

So what did you come up with? A lot of guys seem to think that attraction is when one person wants what another person has.

Some think of attraction as the result of being good-looking or otherwise "attractive". In fact, I think a lot of people confuse attraction with "attractive".

When I think of the concept of attraction, I think of it primarily as an emotion. It seems to me that it's more a combination of powerful emotions that come together to form a very, very special new super-emotion.

However you think about it, there is a process that happens that keeps men and women getting together to have sex...

You are reading this right now, which is a miracle.

Think of the thousands upon thousands of generations of ancestors that you have had... and think about the fact that not one of them died a virgin.

And not one of them died in childhood.

And then think about the fact that you beat out about five hundred million other sperm-racers to get to the egg first.

You are the result of, and represent, probably the most amazing process I have ever heard of.

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